Fuck You Microsoft

I have been a fan of Microsoft since I was a teenager (a million years ago in the 80s.)  I’ve used it, sold it, consulted on it, and provided technical support for it.  I have loved Microsoft like no other.

Now there’s Windows 10.  We have no choice about so many important things.  But the main thing I hate?  Mandatory updates.

Windows 10 Development Team

Every time this piece of shit updates, which I can’t stop, my system gets fucked up.  I can’t get online, it runs about half the speed of smell, or some other catastrophic bullshit, right when I need my computer most.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot;  Your cold war with Google for world domination has rendered my Google Chrome almost unusable.  The screen fonts look like they were drawn by a blind, retarded monkey using a melted crayon.  Hello Firefox!

I have had so many fucking problems with your unstable bullshit while working under time deadlines, I’m thinking about suing for psychological damages.

I have installed Linux Mint Cinnamon, and this is probably the last thing I will ever write on any Microsoft platform.

I feel betrayed after all of my years of loyalty.  Thanks for nothing Bill.  FUCK YOU!

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