Fuck You McDonald’s

Fuck You Ronald Mcdonald
What the fuck is this?!?

I went to McDonald’s the other day (because I was craving whatever addictive drug they put in their ketchup,) and had an eye-opening experience.  The rest of you may have already been aware of what I am about to reveal, but it was new to me.  I haven’t been to a McDonald’s for a long, long time.

Do you remember the Big Mac?  Here I am probably talking to people over the age of 30.  People who remember when the Big Mac was actually a Big Deal.  And they filled the fry box to overflowing?  It was worth the extra money back then because you got a lot of food, not a lot of bread.

Fuck You McDonald's
Are you shitting me?

The fucking abomination they sent home with me was like a bad joke.  It was like eating a loaf of bread someone had rubbed a little salad dressing on.

I’m pretty sure I discovered Schrödinger’s patty.  Until you observe it, it is neither there, nor not there.  Once I moved the copious pile of lettuce to one side, I could literally see through the patties in places, which were probably pressed together out of shit they didn’t feel like sweeping up off the floor of a meat packing plant.  Of course I’m joking folks, those patties probably never even met a cow.  You could shave a hundred of these patties off a cow and she could go on to live a long and productive life with little or no notice.

Large order of Fuck You!
Oh, you bastards, you got me!

The fries were hot, greasy, and saltily delicious (yeah, I made up a word, big deal, you wanna fight about it?)  But up-sizing to get only 3/4 of a container made me feel like an asshole.  It’s like they make the employees pay for the fries out of their paycheck.  I took the picture before I removed any fries, that’s all of them.  Yeah, let me get some of that greasy air you got floating around back there for an extra dollar Ronald.

I paid $7.29 for this “meal,” and it is not a mistake I will make again any time soon.  Fuck You, Ronald McDonald, you clown!

On the positive side, the ketchup was good.



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    1. Bingo! I’m glad someone is paying attention, lol. That’s exactly where I got it from, but I don’t know how to spell “whoop,” so I used “deal” instead. Vaspie goes to the head of the class. 🙂

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