Fuck You Cartoon Network

In particular fuck Adult Swim.  OK, we get it, someone there hates smoking, great, super, fan-fucking-tastic.  And apparently smoking is racist, too.  Very diversified, very nice.  Who gives a fuck?

If you don’t know that smoking is bad for you you have to be either very fucking stupid, very fucking retarded, or living on the goddamned moon for the last 50 years.  I smoke, I will die younger as a result.  If that doesn’t bother me why the fuck should it bother you?  “I don’t like the smell of smoke,” you say.  So what?  I don’t like the smell of farts, but life is not without it’s perils.  I haven’t met anyone yet who complains about second hand smoke who traded their car in for a horse.  I guarantee you a car puts off more poisonous, cancer-causing gases in a trip to the store than I will in a year of smoking.

And what’s with the black thing?  I just watched a commercial that said 80% of black people who smoke prefer menthol, and the cancer rate is higher in blacks.  They have a higher rate of sickle cell anemia too, but I seriously doubt it’s related.  Genetics are responsible for everything, aren’t they?  I have known menthols are worse for you than regular smoking since I was a kid (before I even started smoking.)  Last I checked all of my black friends were just as capable of making their own decisions as my white friends. If you don’t want to face the possible consequences of certain actions, do not engage in those actions.

How is advertising menthols to blacks racist?  Let that shit go.  Sure, there are still racist assholes in this country.  There always will be.  Some of them even have their own shows, like Trevor Noah.  I say let people be racist so you know who to stay away from.  There isn’t a rational person out there that doesn’t know racism is fucking stupid.  If you are too stupid to think for yourself, you lump everything together in a stereotype.  It’s what you do.

But advertising a particular product to a particular group based on known socioeconomic factors or culture-based preferences is not racist, it’s called successful marketing.  I could spend a billion dollars advertising tires on the bottom of the ocean but I won’t sell a single goddamn tire.  I would advertise to car owners.

Cigarette companies (or any company,) advertise to people who have enough money to buy their product.  Welcome to being a viable part of a functioning economy.  Those commercials whining about poor defenseless black people being forced to smoke are the dumbest, most racist goddamn things I have seen on TV all year.

Take that shit off the air, or at least stop showing the same bullshit lying ass commercials 30 times an hour claiming to be based on truth.  Cigarette companies are not even allowed to advertise on TV, right?  But now they make it on TV 30 times an hour.  Smart fucking move.  There is no bad publicity.

Fuck You anti smoking commercials.  Fuck You Adult Swim.  And Fuck You anyone else involved in that stupid shit.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need a cigarette.