Fuck You Bidnez Mens

One thing I really fucking hate is morons who go around saying they are business men.

Fortunately for everyone, I have written this brief guide on how to identify a real business man.

For one thing he knows how to pronounce and / or spell business.  For another thing he doesn’t feel compelled to go around telling anyone who will listen that he be a bidnez mens.  Also, he is not typically closely involved in the crack industry, and probably owns a suit.  A real suit that doesn’t make him look like Prince after a bad acid trip.  And he knows that the word men is pluralized already and doesn’t need an s on the end of it.

So you may be thinking, “Hey! Michael didn’t say anything about women, he’s a goddamned sexist.”  Well, quite honestly I have never heard any woman say anything this fucking stupid, and if you are thinking the sexist shit, then you obviously missed the goddamn point of my rant.  If this is the case, please log off, unplug your computer, throw it in the trash, and don’t ever come back to my site.  Fuck You.

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