Are you offended?

It has come to my attention that there are those who may be offended by my gratuitous use of the words “fuck” and “you.”  Despite the fact that my humble goal is to be the number one clearing-house for all things fuck you, I was surprised to learn that there are those who are of delicate sensibilities, and that they might be offended by me saying “fuck you” every chance I get.

So for those individuals I have taken time out from my busy schedule of writing Fuck You and Fuck You related material to tender the following apology:

Universal Fuck YouFuuuuuuck You!  Fuck you.  Fuck Yourself and everything you believe in.  Fuck her, fuck him, fuck me, fuck you!  Fick Dich, Andate a la cresta, Baise Toi, vilis, Трахать тебя, vaffanculo, Foda-se, Fok jou, Te qifsha, Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo Yankee Oscar Uniform, tebeda, الله يلعنك, Kaifa Haluka, mchi thawa, Kulsoum, Hayatoy, sihtir, Chudi, Ebi se, Diew Lei, meow, bark, cluck, moooo, 我去你妈了个逼, Guet maren ou, fuc ty, and baren ir!

If I missed any languages, I sincerely apologize.


2 Replies to “Are you offended?”

    1. I’m glad you have my back! I invite anyone and everyone to post their favorite way to say Fuck You! Tell your friends, families, and church members. Help us reach number one!

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